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Before & After, a maternity and newborn shoot


I recently donated a gift certificate for maternity or newborn portraits to a basket which would be raffled off at an expectant mothers “fair”.  Shortly after I made the donation, I realized I had never photographed neither an expectant mother, nor a newborn! My friend Delanie came to my rescue, suggesting I approach her very pregnant friend Nicki, who I had also met once before.  Nicki very graciously accepted my request to photograph her 39-week pregnant self, and we spent a very nice morning together.  Nicki, at just 2 days before her due date, was radiant and beautiful!

Less than a week later, Nicki opened her home to me again and I photographed little Amelia! Mom, Dad, big sister Annika, and Amelia were all getting along wonderfully and settling into life with 2 children!

Enjoy the pictures!