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…I guess that’s what I am.  For years I have been bringing my 1, then 2, then 3 (!) children to photo studios, spending tons of money on photo shoots and photo packages, and not really loving what I get.  Where are those pictures? After the obligatory giving to parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles, the rest are in the envelope, in a drawer.  And what pictures are displayed in frames on my mantle, on my walls, on my bookshelves?  The pictures I have taken myself that really capture the essence and personality of my child(ren).

This is what I strive to do for you with your children, yourself, your family portraits, your wedding, your event, etc.  I don’t want to be that scary photographer, getting in your face and telling you to smile at me. I get right in there and interact with you, so by the time I’ve finished taking pictures, we feel like friends! I feel that, in taking this approach to my photography, you get a bunch of better pictures.  My photographic style seems to be less posing, more photojournalistic. I like my pictures to tell a story.

If what you want is a goofy posed picture of your child on a stool in front of a colored background, by all means, take them to the studio and pay the hundreds of dollars for those photos.  But if you want a photograph that you LOVE, that captures your child doing something they love, that isn’t a “look at me and say cheese” pose, grab a camera, or a mom-gone-photographer (I happen to know a great affordable one!) , go to a location in which your child can be themself, and snap away!  I guarantee you will be much more pleased with the results of this type of photo shoot.