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Phoenixville… where???

Over this past summer, I took Micah & Lily to where I grew up, in Phoenixville, Connecticut.  Phoenixville is a part of Eastford, which is a tiny little town in Northeast CT, known as the “Quiet Corner”.  We spent just an afternoon, visiting places that were familiar to me and brought back such memories…

This building is known as the “Hermit’s Shack”. It’s only slightly more run down now than I remember it being when I was a child.  When my dad was a kid, he knew the Hermit who lived in this tiny, one-room shack on the river.  I have a thing for old, barn-like buildings, and have always liked this one. My dad now has a large print of this hanging on his wall!

Right behind the shack is this river, the Natchaug River, where my parents would bring us swimming.  After my dad got home from work on hot days during the summer, we would throw on our bathing suits and flip flops, grab towels, and walk across the street and down the road to this part of the river where we would splash around and cool off.

If you take a drive through the Natchaug Forest, you will come across General Nathaniel Lyon’s birthplace homestead.    This stone chimney with 4 fireplaces is all that remains.  General Lyon (1818-1861) was the first Union general to be killed in the American Civil War.  The grounds are now a state park, with a field and picnic tables surrounding. I remember running around the grounds with my siblings.

The kids really enjoyed seeing the places I used to visit when I was a child.  We ended the afternoon with a visit to the Dari Bar (pronounced “Dairy” – and I’ve always wondered why it is spelled incorrectly…), where we enjoyed some ice cream.  It was always a treat to have dinner or ice cream at the Dari Bar.  My kids loved it as well!