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Spring Break 2012

April 2012

Every year, we look forward to our annual road trip to North Carolina to spend a week with my mother during the kids’ spring break week.  This year we had even more to look forward to – seeing our best friends the Webbs, who moved to Georgia last summer.  It was so nice to meet up with Jenn and the kids in Asheville, NC at the beginning of our vacation!

After a whirlwind weekend taking in some Asheville sights and spending some time just hanging out in our hotel rooms, we moved on to Charlotte for some “Gramma time”.

It’s always nice to spend some time with my mom, and to watch the kids with her.  I’m so thankful that it doesn’t take my kids any time to warm up to people; as soon as we pulled into her yard, they were out the door and chatting with Gramma as if it had only been a few days since they’d seen her last rather than a year!

This year Lily became especially close to Gramma, shadowing her, going with her when she walked the dog, wanting to ride in the car with her when we went places.  And always choosing to hold Gramma’s hand over mine.  And then, at the end of the week, trying to persuade her to pack up her house and come back to CT with us.  We love you, Gramma!